The Microgreens Medium Used By The Pros

Use the only Screen Medium that's NSF Approved for the purpose of Growing Microgreens

Big Yields. Cost Efficient.

Eliminate waste for the good of our Planet

Composting or throwing away all of that soil or coco coir from your trays just leads to the release of more CO2 into our atmosphere.  Don't even get us started on the single use plastic bags or the transportation costs to move all that Potting Mix around!  With EGS grows, the only thing to be composted are the roots themselves - and some of our customers even juice those for added vitamin intake!

No one wants dirty Microgreens

'Soil" is a common term, but what is it really?  Who knows?  It could be poop.  It could be composted garbage.  It could be excavated fill from the lot next to a toxic waste dump.  The companies providing it don't disclose this, do they?  Chefs, Caterers and Health Inspectors don't want this on the product you deliver - and we all know that over-washing leads to a product that doesn't have much shelf life.  The solution is to deliver a CLEAN product - like what you'll grow using EGS Reusable Mediums!

Grow Microgreens the same way that Astronauts Will

Several different International Space Programs are now using our Reusable Mediums to develop their processes and systems for future Space Missions.  When it comes to Space exploration, the focus is on Sustainability, Reusability and EFFICIENCY - and no food production Medium does what EGS does!

High Density Growing With EGS

Because the roots grow between the mesh, your greens don't compete with each other for soil or water - letting you plant with very high seed density.  Why add more grow racks when you can just grow more with each tray?


Microgreens are getting more competitive to sell and buying these screens was the perfect way to reduce our growing costs to compete with even the really big guys.

Sarah C. from California

These mesh screens are super easy to grow on and we can see everything that's happening through seeding, germination to harvest.  It's let us learn so much more about what's going on with our grows and how to make improvements along the way.

Becky M. from Oregon

Finally, a reusable growing surface that saves space and saves my back from lugging around big bags of soil.

Reggie G. from Ontario, Canada

How did I not know this existed when I started growing?  These screens rock!

Audrey L. from Texas